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| June 12th, 2014 | Posted in Online Gaming |


  1. NEW CHANNEL @CautiousBites Says:

    NSIS Error Fix: http://youtu.be/34sftoN4QY4

  2. GameTuts Says:

    Can’t get it too actually start, and I have the full game. So close yet so
    far :( 

  3. thejokerererer Says:


  4. lonky stony Says:

    can you post some gameplay email me the link to your gameplay

  5. Tenacious Says:

    Does it work??? please reply!

  6. NuttyTheSquirrel A.K.A. Storm_Worm5364 Says:

    It’s not an MMO. .’ CoD NEVER be o MMO

  7. Jos h Says:

    do you need a vpn? Mine finished downloading a while ago + whenever I run
    it says there’s a problem with the installer.. (i’ve finished installing
    the 2.88gb)

  8. cesar enrique flores sandoval Says:

    I have an error or something
    Well i start the game and after Call of duty Online LOGO Appears and finish
    a message appears with color orange and i clik on it and the game close :C

  9. DevilGuyUK Says:

    I can’t install the ProxySwitchy extension. NPAPI plugin is needed. Any

  10. Tr0dge Says:

    it would be berr lagy as it’s using chinese servers n shit

  11. TheHomelessCake Says:

    how did you get the website in British?

  12. TheSonOfPoseiden Says:


  13. SNIFFYTIGER74 Says:

    I was able to make an account with qq games i just have an error when i put
    in my qq code and press play it errors and i dont read chinese soooo

  14. jak gomm Says:

    help http://imgur.com/0sDn1lH

  15. Richard Hayward Says:

    Is this game down now?

    I followed your guide perfectly and it all worked well (although this game
    doesn’t work in win8.1 because of tenprotect or whatever it’s called)
    except once I launch the game I get an error saying some thing about login.


  16. Sarah Bates Says:

    By the way, You dont need a proxy… Just set your location to China when
    signing up and it will work ;) 

  17. roboapple3000 Says:

    hey can somebody help me have can i play i am in the main screen i cant
    read Chinese 

  18. samoa sam Says:

    how many more time u have to say Basically?!!

  19. dalemazza1 Says:

    also if you download the game while still connected to the china proxy it
    will download at your max download speed :) 

  20. Tenacious Says:

    upload some gameplay please! solo or co-op i dont care i just wanna see
    proof before i download+it’ll get you a lot of subs

  21. jak gomm Says:

    it goes error with installer??

  22. KuraiVll Says:

    Each time i get to the download page this translated text appears : Sorry,
    the test has been completed, the temporary closure of the game download. So
    any fixes i need help

  23. sotjamz Says:

    for some reason it worked without a proxy?

  24. Callum Yuki San Appleton Says:

    Help me! This pops ups on me! http://puu.sh/6×6kR/d4e8c2ab64.jpg

  25. Reimu Hakurei Says:

    wheni start the game there is a thing in a corner with a button which exits
    but nothing else