Madden NFL 12 – XBOX Online RANKED gameplay(Bears Vs Texans)

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| November 26th, 2013 | Posted in Online Gaming |

25 Responses to “Madden NFL 12 – XBOX Online RANKED gameplay(Bears Vs Texans)”

  1. treyz11to Says:

    y does arien foster looks so slow?

  2. keymon jackson Says:

    Mr Golden sports, you have so many blessings coming your way! You are one
    of the most considerate people in the madden community keep it up bro! Many
    good things will come your way for helping people . God bless you man! Stay

  3. TehSinthros Says:

    Go to make a comment and click create a vid response

  4. neel patel Says:

    great vid

  5. xCFgraFFiTTi Says:

    first comment luv ur vids man keep em up

  6. MrGoldenSports Says:

    Thank you SOOO much for the kind words man. Youtube has been such a
    bblessing in itself man. I’ve met some really great friends man and all of
    the people who enjoy my videos have been so damn supportive man it’s
    crazy.Im def lucky to have people such as yourself who not just check me
    out when they can,but show love in the comment section as well

  7. bboyaccount Says:

    Hey mrgoldensports I saw in the recent opponents imav3riq are u going to
    post that game?

  8. lewisG517 Says:

    Daaa Bears

  9. MVP1st Says:


  10. MrGoldenSports Says:

    yeah man no doubt. ima b on tonight doing some request games maybe around
    11 est. HMU

  11. Peaceganjareggae Says:

    Good Shit GS

  12. Anthony casale Says:

    I play multiple D I can shut down the pass but have problems with the run
    what’s the best formation for run stop???

  13. thampton15 Says:

    ima message you to i got the same gt as my youtube name, im a level 11.
    with like 1040 points or so. if we could get a game it’d mean a lot.

  14. gw504saints Says:

    Good Vid but that music was getting on my nerves.

  15. Nicholas Benites Says:


  16. Abbas Abdallah Says:

    plz no back ground music

  17. Daniel Rayan Says:

    My run game is solid vs me

  18. JoshRice123 Says:


  19. MrGator151 Says:

    @MrGoldenSports has to be the GREATEST commentator on youtube!

  20. James Says:

    Great vid GS!

  21. areyoumack Says:

    nice pick dude

  22. Nicholas Benites Says:

    Great Video v

  23. Hung Le Says:

    Hey Mr Golden Sports, I’ve been a fan for quite some time now, and have the
    most respect for you out of all commentators. I play on the PS3, and feel
    that I am pretty good, to play you would be the reassurance I needed to
    start a youtube madden commentary. My PSN is Artfl0w_Le, and if we can get
    a game in at least once would be a blessing! Let me know!!

  24. Quikneasy1 Says:

    Never lags unless you have an internet connection where if someone is on
    YouTube while your on XBox playing online C.O.D then you will lag, but some
    people have connection where that doesn’t happen. It will also only lag if
    you playing a game like C.O.D and someone invited you to a game and they
    have bad connection. That would be the only 2 reason why Xbox lags.(Online)

  25. Omar Khan Says:

    Hey GS If you wondering honestly we love your madden videos with 2k
    sprinkled on top. Even though it is late in the season this is your root
    and if you stick to it you will become even better Thanks for all the hard
    work and keep it up