How to Play Halo 2 and Other Original Xbox Games Online – XBC Tutorial (Part 1)

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| May 15th, 2014 | Posted in Online Gaming |

25 Responses to “How to Play Halo 2 and Other Original Xbox Games Online – XBC Tutorial (Part 1)”

  1. Coherent Mint Says:

    you arnt walshy´╗┐

  2. david smith Says:

    can i play bo2 mw3 bo1 red dead redemption???´╗┐

  3. GGGG761 Says:

    whats rapture im the new kid on the block lol

  4. halo3productions911 Says:

    @sheerfe4rstudios I’ve tried the cracked versions. They don’t work. I did
    get one that did, but it was extremely unstable. You can only play campaign
    btw. And sure, I’ve seen Intel GMA 4500s run H2V lmao. Just don’t expect
    any high detail or high resolution.

  5. PicnicModz Says:

    @maitaaaaaaa Oh Dam! Sweet.

  6. HaloSpartanG13 Says:

    @phi1s0n Halo 2 community = Dead as shit. Now it’s just kids like

  7. halo3productions911 Says:

    @L1ke20N1njas One word: Virtual Machine.

  8. H Willa Says:

    @tjghosts hope so!! thumbs up dudes comment !

  9. Gamesheep11 Says:

    1337 videos :3

  10. kochonlebest Says:

    were a nice person. On a more serious note, great tutorial, the intro is
    cool as well.

  11. DeMo1ish Says:

    @Iiimplicit it dosent lagg if u check pings…find host with good pings

  12. DancingTron5 Says:


  13. MrNigface Says:

    wolfman’s server is best server

  14. svm2 Says:

    Not sure if you will see this but I’m still game for some Halo 2 any day.

  15. Jeannie Torrence Says:

    will it break your xbox 360

  16. Bookster343 Says:

    @tmantonym I completely agree. I’m 100 percent sure that an XBL Arcade
    download of Halo 2 matchmaking would immediately garner a huge following. I
    love Halo: Reach, but nothing will ever compare to how outstanding Halo 2

  17. muhammid ali Says:

    as soon as i click to open the program. windows finds an error. any help

  18. CodyinHD Says:

    Please note that Xbox 360 consoles have a 30MS ping limit. Meaning if you
    aren’t in the same region, you won’t be able to connect. Make sure you
    break out those old classic consoles.

  19. L1ke20N1njas Says:

    You’re a little strange… haha :P But your tutorial was very informative.
    I had no idea anything like this existed! :D By the way… Update. Your.

  20. IntelNeerd Says:

    Can i use my computer wireless and xbox 360 wirerd ? :)

  21. IntelNeerd Says:

    My xbox 360 dont find my windows vista computer , my pc use wireless
    conection and my xbox use wired and i got a modem and no router. Please
    Help ! :)

  22. DeMo1ish Says:

    @BloodHawk721 it went down? is still up

  23. Sabr3xhal0 Says:

    Conker live and reloaded

  24. 5hausty Says:

    Can I follow this tutorial using a Macbook?

  25. HaloSpartanG13 Says:

    @FBWalshyFTW Xlink Kai is far better.