How To Mod Black Ops Zombies ONLINE (FULL TUTORIAL)(IN DEPTH) TU11!!!

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| November 26th, 2013 | Posted in Online Gaming |

25 Responses to “How To Mod Black Ops Zombies ONLINE (FULL TUTORIAL)(IN DEPTH) TU11!!!”

  1. UNC-MoDz | UNC-Gaming Says:

    Shit, I’m not buying a 2nd controller!

  2. Nazareth Starzynski Says:

    It Works… But You Have To Keep Repeating The Modded Save With Your Name
    The Go On Campain And Ya It Takes A Long Time To Set Up Before You Start A
    Modded Lobby And All You Get For Guns Are Your Hands As Guns And Raygun And
    Mustang And Sally Its Not Worth It……

  3. xXDjBlareXx Says:

    before u wast ur time be sure u have a second contoler.
    thumbs up so everyone can see

  4. kieran wilde Says:

    still working ??

  5. xpowerteox Says:

    It work on ps3?

  6. Melanie Dah Says:

    What is horizon ??? dafuq

  7. Brian Rodriguez Says:

    What parts do I need to redo to get the mods again

  8. Hectic prodigy Says:

    yes it works thank you so much

  9. karma tamang Says:

    im working on my own mod

  10. Albert Einstine Says:

    It still works.

  11. masonharding Says:

    Can you make one where you just resume game and push start like the W.A.W

  12. epicfireball259 Says:

    Ok, when I had to test the mods to see if they work they worked… But once
    I complete the last step they stopped working. Help??

  13. Xaros Gr Says:

    how can install the patch into game at ps3?i have the black ops 2

  14. neoteam1 Says:

    Whats the buttons. I cant work out god_mode.

  15. iProBrix Says:

    This video is almost a year old….the mods have been patched since March

  16. Jared Childers Says:

    Thanks a lot damodder420; I watched this video the day that you made it,
    I’ve actually watched a ton of your videos, I love them all; I haven’t made
    a YouTube account until today though, I’m going through liking all your
    vids, you just got a new subscriber too, keep up the good work :)

  17. Its Just Fila Says:

    Your so bad be a better commantator

  18. xXjerryboy1234Xx Says:

    Version fail….?! Help pls:)

  19. Subscribe For Candy Says:


  20. MRxxFTW Says:

    Hey how do I get the guns? I’m pressing x but it won’t let me

  21. enforcedPENGUIN Says:

    it wont let me open horizon on mac

  22. CLEAR X Eclipse Says:

    send me a friend request plz and make a modded lobby for me? CLEAR X Eclipse

  23. Ashley Henderson Says:

    dude do you need 2 fucking account i don’t see were or what other account i
    have to log in with on other controller

  24. Dominic1801 Says:

    Will i get banned?

  25. Dinom010 Says:

    i was using this the other day online and it kicked me offline untill i
    signed out and it kicks me every time i sign into damodder420