Halo 2 Online without Xbox Live via Xlink Kai

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| January 21st, 2014 | Posted in Online Gaming |

25 Responses to “Halo 2 Online without Xbox Live via Xlink Kai”

  1. Wurmo Says:

    I tried this and all people play is midship and lockout on ffa. Those are
    not even good maps don’t see why everyone is obsessed with them.

  2. Joel David Says:

    Nice game but bad player hhahaha

  3. brayan reg crew durck Says:


  4. SquallyD V Says:


  5. jolgtr Says:

    you suck lol

  6. KFXG Says:

    Thank you! :D

  7. Kilo Weigher Says:

    Does Halo 2 XBox version work on XBox 360? And it doesn’t need the 30 ping
    patch, does it?

  8. juanse111 Says:

    u mad?

  9. madmax2069 Says:

    The bad thing about playing on tunneling services such as xlink and Xbox
    connect is all of the hackers/cheaters. I use to play on Xbox connect then
    switched to xlink due to the fact I could not get my PSP to work on Xbox
    connect (even though it supported it). I need to get xlink back up and
    running so I can play halo 1 and 2 online. Yes I could get the PC versions,
    but they feel completely different to me.

  10. Jeery Flin Says:

    lol i bet you shoot like darth vadar so…

  11. Omar Tleimat Says:

    Lol painful to watch you play…. U suck. Complete ass but at least a funny

  12. TommyNDH Says:

    If I would get paid for each time you said “dumbass” I would be millionaire.

  13. mohnjorrow Says:

    This Saturday Feburary 9th at approximately 12 P.M. Central Time. I am
    hosting a Halo 2 LAN Party at my house. Anyone can join over the internet
    by using Xbox Connect. The Server Name will be Mohnjorrow We will be
    playing all sorts of maps and game types. Suggestions are welcome! Thanks
    and hope to see you all Saturday!

  14. matthewybarra101 Says:

    Its painful to Watch this guy play

  15. andres infante Says:

    que pecado eres el peor jugador que he visto das tristeza y con xbox en la
    casa no me das la talla sos un marrana jajajjajajajaja

  16. McLocknstoks Says:

    SERVER WENT OFF!! YES!!!!!!! WIN!!!

  17. SquallyD V Says:


  18. brayan reg crew durck Says:

    hello as you have a xbox live account answers

  19. tolegit2quit577 Says:

    I will play with you

  20. maichael yeigans Says:

    not pero ke! mi abuelo juega mejor que con los ojos tapados jjajaj

  21. Snip3sh0w57 Says:

    There are no English people @.@ all arabic :P I don’t understand anything

  22. Angel Silva Says:

    So what do I need to pay Halo 2 online ? Besides the Xbox and 360

  23. richard garces Says:

    you are nobicio in halo 2 fuck

  24. Austin Bailey Says:

    Fuck ass…

  25. Albert Nicholas Hurtado Says:

    Bring back the online for original xbox and the halo 2 servers at least
    those were the memories!