CoD Online Free-to-Play Coming | Zombies World Record Run First Down at Round 144 :(

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| November 26th, 2013 | Posted in Online Gaming |

25 Responses to “CoD Online Free-to-Play Coming | Zombies World Record Run First Down at Round 144 :(”

  1. Zakimash Tylerplier Says:

    chineese—————- U mad bro

  2. TheZombiekiller975 Says:

    y u getting your claymore out?

  3. kingvagar Says:

    Example: DCU Online

  4. Playstationplayer78 Says:

    Damn my computer is screwed up so i missed spiders stream :(

  5. LetsPlaySomePS3-4 Says:

    y u complaining if its in china u haters

  6. PHprof Says:

    They are going after Battlefield Play 4 Free (BFP4F) which was a redone
    BF2. A good player could do well with the stock weapons but buying would
    help for sure.

  7. TheBanned0ne Says:

    Looking at the trailer, it seems like this is just the PC version of MW2
    for free download. The maps that the people are playing in are all maps
    from MW2. Since this is on PC and it’s free, I think this is just MW2 put
    on download for everyone, for free. I think they are doing this because MW2
    didn’t sell good with the PC ppl (just like MW3) and they want to give it a
    boost by making it free and calling it a “online game” when it is actualy
    just MW2 multiplayer

  8. Altimaar Says:

    I played a pay to win game called Mabinogi when I was younger. I did pay
    and I did win, but I wouldn’t do it again. I wasted a lot of money on it.
    Games I play now, I can stand a cash shop. As long as there isn’t an
    obvious advantage. Otherwise, a broken cash shop can break a game.

  9. McPieDie Says:

    Many free2play games is “pay2win” and that sucks. I like the way maplestory
    and tf2 has it.

  10. TDPNeji Says:

    I play several free-to-play stuff.

  11. Rayzboomboomroom Says:

    battlefield play for free actually isnt that bad

  12. MaARtiN1123 Says:

    They should have just made Cod4 Free to Play…

  13. jimaros100 Says:

    also black ops are there

  14. Rayzboomboomroom Says:

    The epic…. Gaming experience…. Has arrived…… In…. CHINA? wtf

  15. TheCoDzillaPlayer Says:

    We cant get it because consols will be banned.

  16. Godin The Killer Says:

    hey spider! i call bullshit on that one, because not all f2p fps’s is like
    that (dust 514)!

  17. TheBrunaland Says:

    Don’t worry, it’ll prolly be a pretty bad game that only shitty Chinese
    computers run :)

  18. Leonardo Garcia Says:

    I dont have a sister oh yeah thats what you fuck nothing

  19. The Optimist Says:

    Theres also a game exactly like that. Its called “Combat Arms”

  20. BrakexDown Says:

    What do they mean by free to play?

  21. dannytruscott Says:

    Game consoles are banned in China, I feel sorry for them

  22. Bbrett9 Says:

    The reason they are doing it is because consoles have been banned in china
    since 2000. So they basically want to give china some way of playing their

  23. eduardomontejo1 Says:

    call of duty needs to die


    @TheBrunaland Although I agree cod 3 was a huge failure WaW was equal if
    not better than cod 4 And black ops had no competition with mw2 being
    hacked and glitched to hell because infinity ward wasn’t bothered to patch
    it mw3 although made not completely by infinity ward had a storyline that
    was extremely repetitive and similar to mw2 also what does dlc have to do
    with the matter? I buy it and well mw3 has (probably) 4 content
    collections, the same as black ops

  25. stevenlu12 Says:

    for lag comperstation