“Call Of Duty: Ghosts Wii U Gameplay” – Online Multiplayer – Strikezone TDM SA-805 (Cod Ghost WiiU)

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| November 26th, 2013 | Posted in Online Gaming |

25 Responses to ““Call Of Duty: Ghosts Wii U Gameplay” – Online Multiplayer – Strikezone TDM SA-805 (Cod Ghost WiiU)”

  1. Dani Vega Says:

    Are hoy using the gamepad or the pro controller

  2. JEMustang Says:

    How do you go about making an Online name on the Wii U, do you set all that
    up kind of like what you do for XBox Live, PSN etc? Or can you just keep
    changing it whenever? Thanks, GJ.

  3. anthony grant Says:

    This game is awesome on the wiiu! ! Just seen on miiverse that someone post
    that there’s 2000+ users online, the community is really growing. Also for
    you blind fanboys, the reason why the wiiu verison is 880×720. Its because
    the resolution need to be shared with the gamepad also. As much as I love
    Sony also, I wouldnt get it on the ps4 since the “all mighty next gen”
    console version suffers severe Technical issues. Sad to say but xbox one
    verison runs better than ps4

  4. crabapple720 Says:

    you can knife equiptment

  5. Isaias Guzman Says:

    Wii u players dont know how go play and camp alot

  6. CowboyLogic Says:

    Worth picking it up? For the Wii U ofc. Picked up the new batman game for
    the Wii U yesterday.

  7. LegendOfGamez Says:

    The graphics suck compared to xbox1 version

  8. Stunna Davis Says:

    Fuck ps4 and xbox one

  9. TheTgkSniper Says:

    Can you post some SnR?

  10. Jonah Potosky Says:

    10 minutes for a fuckin game update!!! The Wii u sucks!

  11. wg044154 Says:

    The Wii U is a next gen console and the graphics look great.

  12. Fernando Alvarenga Says:

    i does ghost has 4 player split screen??

  13. xOogieBoogie3x Says:

    It’s 1280×600 on PS3 & Xbox 360.

  14. ry mccauley Says:

    plz help me I just want to know how many people are online at one time and
    if there are a lot of populated gamemodes

  15. luis serrano Says:

    How can I display the game in the gamepad?

  16. Epic Flames Says:

    You can use gamepad

  17. demon mutant ninja zombie Says:

    I can display on game pad.

  18. ov3nm1th34d Says:

    Just got it and went on to play and noticed there’s no way to display on
    the game pad screen? What’s up with that???

  19. HammieMonster Says:

    About how many players have been on at a time? Probably won’t be getting a
    copy until around Christmas, so I’m curious.

  20. TheRealtalk617 Says:

    Ghost is 880×720 its not even hd on wii u. Not even 720p.

  21. orderroute66 Says:

    I’m guessing it cannot have two players on the tv and one on the gamepad.
    Is this correct?

  22. buschwc Says:

    Unless you like first party nintendo games, which many of us do.

  23. NoireMk2 Says:


  24. marlinsbaseballfan Says:

    Game looks good so far

  25. slipensnowboard Says:

    Thanx ;) I’m going to get it today :p