Black ops zombies : New zombies USB mods online 2013 Xbox

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| November 26th, 2013 | Posted in Online Gaming |

25 Responses to “Black ops zombies : New zombies USB mods online 2013 Xbox”

  1. Exodia HD Says:

    This didn’t work, I couldn’t understand what you was saying on the xbox
    part where you start to actully get the mods, you wasted my time dick.

  2. Victor Alfonso Says:

    Thanks. I hace online and work un all map

  3. Xzaviea Menifee Says:

    They work but there no the best

  4. zombeininja Says:

    All maps?

  5. TheGreenViper2000 Says:


  6. Johan Jx Says:

    how you put other maps

  7. timpos546 Says:

    You have not get banned right?

  8. odc20001 Says:

    Stupid British make no sense at all what profile am I suppose to save it to

  9. Daylynn Clarke Says:

    Hey do you do xbox360

  10. lachie8789 Says:

    Does it work?

  11. NASAmaster8181 Says:

    Before I get this, can you take it off with a button or is it permanently
    stuck on your game?

  12. SaNI4538 Says:


  13. TiMesCoPeS Says:

    best mods there survey.its all legit .the best thing is i havent
    got banned,yet

  14. TheLonelyCreeper Says:


  15. AdvenCastStudios Says:

    You are just simply amazing. Thank soo much for this! I subbed for sure!
    Very nice.

  16. Ha YouBad Says:

    It wont let me open the read me file how do i do it

  17. Na lo Says:

    You save is american,i need a europan save,help me please or you know
    convert a save us to eu?Sorry my english is bad :’(

  18. German EliteGamerzZ Says:

    how long can you get banned for this? and get you ban for 1acc or all acc´s

  19. Mariah Thomas Says:

    is there a mod folder that does not have super speed!

  20. jack neale Says:

    Is it patched for multiplayer ?

  21. xToxicGlitchesx Says:

    Firstly; It’s ‘does’. Secondly; It has worked for everyone else. Last but
    not least; You’re a retard. Thanks, Sam:)

  22. jalo loatman Says:

    Can u please help me theses mods arent working at all and ive been trying
    them over and over again reply asap

  23. ImEthn Says:

    Mine only came with the mod no folder

  24. craftmine60 Says:


  25. eastcyde4life Says:

    other people cant use your profile these days you need a password