Black Ops Zombies Mods Online With USB On Xbox (No Jtag) Tutorial (PS3 Possible Too)

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| March 19th, 2014 | Posted in Online Gaming |

25 Responses to “Black Ops Zombies Mods Online With USB On Xbox (No Jtag) Tutorial (PS3 Possible Too)”

  1. Da Outlaws Says:

    It works still but u have to copy and paste the profile I’d and console I’d
    to yes no device I’d needed 

  2. Reyna Gailani Says:

    iv always used this but finally online thanks

  3. icehot28 Says:

    this still works ? 2014 .

  4. Stealth Says:

    Do u get banned still

  5. xxcheesewcxx Says:

    RSP,is there anyway i can get other zombie maps (offline,i got no network
    to download the mappacks)so is there anyway to get like der
    riese,ascension,etc… on split screensolo?

  6. Liam Cupolo Says:

    I can’t shoot

  7. linger zapien Says:

    a lot of work

  8. Moises Osorio Says:

    this mod works good. lets me use the start and back mod. but it wont do the
    other mod. HELP ME!

  9. MrShaggy0113 Says:

    its H3art Br3ak3rl my gt im useing my sisters account message this one

  10. MrUniqueGlitches Says:

    here, i did. go to mediafire and put this at the end: /?za36wclhs6fl40z
    make sure you dashboard before you load up this save as in, dont be at the
    main menu of black ops when u plug ur usb into ur xbox.

  11. xdrunkednoobx Says:

    RSP the horizon is not working. When i’ve doenloaded it, it cant start
    up… Can any1 please help me. The official horizon webside’s download wont
    work either. I’m getting pretty mad cause horizon not working /:

  12. jackrs25 Says:


  13. ivanjamali98 Says:

    Add me on ps3 XxFlyBoi_ChrisXx

  14. Derrell Andrew Says:


  15. Purple Octave Says:

    Epic ending music…

  16. 316Kisame Says:

    your gay

  17. roudyroy1 Says:

    did you in a private match?

  18. Gandalf Cumberbatch Says:

    not if you are offline while doing it

  19. nick cannon Says:

    dude it say on the case of the game who was made by who

  20. frappleb Says:

    is this permanent because every one knows no one wants to do all the steps
    more then once

  21. johnchandler100 Says:

    Ummm that means it works online doesnt mean there isnt any repercussions
    mabe the dipshit should have searched a little bit and he could have
    figured that out easily. “If your friends jumped off a bridge would you?”

  22. rick van kraaij Says:

    does not work

  23. jackrs25 Says:

    Cod 4 is made by infinity ward retard.

  24. DonGuido36 Says:

    Im having the same problem, when i want to copy and paste, it wont let me

  25. noah wipert Says:

    LSHLDR=left bumper RSHLD=right bumper