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Fan financed computer game with a retro feel

Probably because often, and wrongly, video games viewed just as technology; but many people thought that that this is improving as the last few decades have brought some alterations. The visuals have changed from chunky ragged blocks to 3 dimensional computer animation. Sounds have become from either nonexistent to recorded voice performances as well as orchestral scores which times rival the best productions for TV and film.

Still, new game are not just the one always on demand. People still plays Tetris or Ms. Pac-Man. And there is The Banner Saga, a real unusual mixture of old and new. This is a PC game with mythical creatures and Viking-like humans. It is 2 dimensional and has a hard drawn image of old Disney films rather that today’s Pixar’s quality. Here, the voice acting is very less.

However, the spare text a well as the lavish but retro art is accompanied by a 1st rate score by Austin Wintory, who got a Grammy nomination previous year for his composition for PlayStation 3 match. In Banner Saga’s references, Wintory’s team far amounts the people involved in the writing, programming, animation or design.

The team in the credits which outbalances the musicians is the accumulation of backers on Kickstarter, over 4700 of whom paid around $25 on that website in 2012’s spring for the privilege of watching seeing their names there. Stoic Studio received over $ 700000 from over twenty thousand people who looked for to see this game made.

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